Thursday, 19 July 2007

Banana muffins - delinquent is my middle name

I am physically tired. I was already lying down, getting ready to sleep, when I thought about my muffin attempt just now. It made me so sad that a tear actually fell.
Tomorrow I am meeting the girls, and today I thought I shall rush home to bake something for them to try, since they have only hear me talking about it so much recently and tried none of it.
Before lunch, I was contemplating on what I should do today. There are 3 things I want to squeeze into the rest of my week. Firstly is to wash my car, which I usually do personally. Secondly is to bake and try my new muffin pan. Thirdly is to try a new baking receipe. I realise there isn't enough free hours for the rest of the weekend to squeeze them all in. So today, at lunch, I went for a carwash. After that, I went to the supermarket and bought some walnuts and some bananas which were riped perfectly.
When evening came, I hurried home, finished dinner and started to bake. This is my third attempt at banana muffins, and my worst.
1) There was too much banana essence. I still like my first attempt which I did not use any essence at all. I put a little on my second attempt, but it was not enough. So tonight, I added more, and it turned out too much. The smell of the essence was overwhelming when you bite into the muffin.
2) I did not beat long enough. It was funny. I beat them quite long the past 2 times. Tonight, I was afraid of overbeating them.
3) The holes in the muffin tray are wider than the aluminium cups I used to use. Previously, I would put the paper cup liners into the aluminium cups, and into the oven. The batter was contained by the small diameter, so they came out looking taller. Tonight, I used the muffin tray, with paper cup liners of course. But the diameter of the hole in the tray is a bit wider than my paper cup. Hence, when baking, the batter would spread itself until it takes the shape of the tray, which resulted in my muffins looking more dwarfey. They still rise, nonetheless, just that they look stout. I do not like my things looking stout.
As usual, I took some pictures. From the pictures, things do not look too bad. But they certainly do not taste right.
I'm sad and very disappointed. I ate 3 of them at one go just now, the more I ate, the more sad I am. Tomorrow, I will be stuck with my not-very-nice muffins for breakfast, as well as about 20 of my peanut butter cookies which are not crispy. At least the cookies do not taste very bad, just that they are not crispy. I wouldn't say the same about the muffins though.
Sorry girls, I have to crawl back bed, and hide under my quilt, with my bolster over my head, sulking over my delinquent muffins.
Pictures? Another day.

I haven't felt so sad in many weeks..... *WAILS LOUDLY*

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