Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Baking Therapy Session

Today isn't such a good day. The news about Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and the worry for AIG....I am a policy holder of AIG!! I hold several insurance policies, though my premiums are peanuts! Almost as suddenly as they rose, oil prices have been falling. Yet, we are not totally rejoicing.

Of course, they are saying Singapore is safe for now etc etc. But you never know. Big banks and companies collapse. I think probably it's better to put my money beneath my pillow now. It's safer. Though it's not a lot, at least I know my few grand will still be there. It feels like a modern doomsday. Instead of having scenes from Armageddon or Independence Day, I picture scenes of banks going bankrupt overnight, insurance companies closing, economy goes nowhere except down, people have nothing to fall back on and are pessimistic. Oh, what a scary scene!

It hasn't been making me feel comfortable all day. So I knew, I had to do something which could calm my nerves. Tonight's dinner of "Chicken chop with pepper sauce - served with Miso rice and mashed potatoes" was not too bad, considering it was a first attempt. The mashed potatoes was a cheat, I used instant mix, but the chicken was honestly rather tasty.

But I had to do something else, so I went to search for a baking recipe which I knew would work, and started my therapy session... It turned out very well and now my nerves are calmed and ready for bed. The pictures can only be posted on 1 Oct, stay tuned!


Maria said...

There is nothing like baking for some relaxing therapy! I don't blame you for wanting to take your money and stash it under your pillow, you have less chance of losing it that way and things are certainly not looking good with fears of a huge recession on its way!


Rosie said...

I heard about this on the morning news and what a worry as the recession bites its way in!

Baking is always good for relaxing I have always found and pleased to hear it has done the same for you :)

Rosie x


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