Sunday, 24 August 2008

Banana pancakes with caramel banana syrup

I was in a banana-ish mood on Saturday. I bought a bunch of bananas, choosing a very ripe bunch on purpose. I made banana smoothie on Saturday, but I couldn't wait to eat the rest of the bunch.

On Sunday, I was the first to wake up, as usual. After washing up and finding nothing to do, I woke dear up and asked if he wanted pancakes or muffins. He mumbled pancakes. Ok, I told him to go back to sleep and I would wake him when they are ready.

Happily, I went to weigh the ingredients, and I realised weighing ingredients is the step which usually takes up most of my time. Not only am I not in good in maths (when it comes to halving recipes), I am always careless and slow when it comes to conversion of units, even though I prepared an Excel table to make things easier for myself. As long as it involves numbers, my mind works like a snail. It's no wonder god did not make me a the time I finish counting all my money, I would have celebrated my seventy-ninth birthday and probably do not need the money anymore.

So back to my pancakes. When I finally got the ingredients ready (or so I thought), I started work. As I was poured the sugar to make the syrup, something told me I had measured the sugar wrongly. The recipe I had printed from the internet was a little confusing to me. So, I added more sugar, only to be realise later that what I had initially measured was correct!

By this time, dear had woken and came to see what I had done. I took my time to make the pancakes one by one, there were eight of them in all. Let's say about 2 minutes on each side, 4 minutes for each pancake, about 32 minutes for 8 pancakes...not forgetting the time I had took to weigh ingredients and make the syrup.

Dear almost went back to sleep when I quickly shouted "pancakes are ready!"

He did not regret the wait. The pancakes were great, though the syrup was obviously too sweet (with double the normal quantity of sugar). I love them too! It was brunch for us, and it filled our stomachs almost the whole day, till before dinnertime.
And after washing up, the first thing I did was quickly changed the recipe to a format that my snail-brain understands better. :p


zAMIFY said...

i look nice. haha.
take care

Bimmer said...

sure! come to my place and I will make this for you!

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Dear Bimmer
ypu have a nice blog and i loved your cupcakes..your posts are good to read.

Bimmer said...

Dear Soni,
thank you for your kind words. Glad you enjoy reading my posts and do visit again soon!

Cookie said...

thanks for sharing...and you have a funny morning!!!

I also have BIG problem with mental calculation... I will sit at the table to do the division and scribble the qty for each ingredients before I start weigh each of them.

It saves me some diaster in kitchen.

Bimmer said...

hi Cookie,

ya my maths is real bad. That's what I do now too! sit down with a calculator and write down all the weights first before another disaster happens haha!


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