Sunday, 31 August 2008

Lemon Biscuits

Friday was the last day for one of my colleagues in my office. She is transferring to another department and thus would be moving to another office. What a pity, I will have one less lunch company. She is one of the few ones I feel more comfortable talking to in the office.

For the whole week, I was thinking of what I could give her. Cupcakes....chocolate flavour would be nice, but oh dear, the doctor has advised her not to take chocolates or "heaty" stuff for the time being due to some health reasons.

I finally decided to make some biscuits and put them into a nice jar, with a nice ribbon. But by the time I decided on this, I did not have much time, and I did not manage to get any nice jars. Without chocolate and nuts as ingredients, I thought I could use lemon to make lemon biscuits.

My small oven could only handle one small tray at a time, so I spent the whole night baking the whole dough. I started at 8pm, and finished almost at midnight. I was almost going to fall asleep while waiting for the last few trays of biscuits to be baked.

But it was worth it. I like the lemon taste. I made several shapes - rolled into small balls, rolled into "S" shaped, some were cut with cookie cutter. The small balls looked the least pretty, but they tasted the best. One bite and the lemon taste was there instantly. Those cut with cookie cutters had the faintest lemon taste, it's funny and I wonder why. They are all from the same dough. But I sure will roll them all into balls next time I do this, saves more time!

Check out the recipe in my recipe blog.

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