Sunday, 16 March 2008

My flop attempt at making swissroll

I tried to bake a swissroll today, and it was a flop. It turned out too hard, and it hardly looked like a swissroll. Because it was hard, it could not be rolled, and it cracked when it cooled. :(

Hate the feeling of going through a flop attempt. It made me feel like I've wasted my time, but then...getting it wrong is part of getting it right isn't it?

When I wanted to throw it away, my mum tried to stop me. She said it's a waste to throw it, it may be hard but it's still nice of her...but I still threw it away after we ate a little of it.


Happy cook said...

I always feel miserable when there is a flop in the kitchen

Bimmer said...

I felt miserable too! :(

It has been weeks since I last baked something, and it was a flop! *wail*

Maria said...

I can totally relate with you, I hate it when something I've baked goes wrong and is a total flop. It happens to all of us!


Bimmer said...

yup...just don't like the feeling!


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