Sunday, 29 November 2009

I graduated again!

I survived Course 2 of my cake decoration class! I got a Certificate of Merit! Well, everyone's certificate is the same, hahaha.

For our finale cake, we had to make a basketweave cake. That is the whole intention of me taking course 2 - the basketweave.  While learning the basketweave, there was so much laughter and fun in our class. We made blunders and many times, we just froze in action, thinking what we had to do next.

This time, I was the lazy student. The whole week, I did not have much time to prepare. For 2 nights in a row before that, I slept only 4 hours and my hands ached so much from fulfilling an order and preparing for the finale cake. I planned to have the cake full of pastel pink roses. Only roses. Not the other flowers we were taught. And only in pastel pink, for that romantic, dreamy effect.

I did make some pastel pink roses though, but they were not enough to fill the cake. So, I had to put in my "black" roses. They are made by mixing blue with red, hence the very dark and unfriendly looking colour (ok, I finally managed to get Violet gel colour, so you probably won't see this unfriendly, mysterious-looking colour again).

I saw my classmates decorate their cakes with lots and lots of beautiful and colourful flowers. It was as if spring was in our class! They were really really pretty, and looked like they were the cakes that appeared in our coursebook.

So, I took my yellow rose (the brightest flower I had) and put it on my cake. It looked weird. That bright colour just did not feel like me. I took it off and replaced it with my "black" rose and that made me feel better.

After class, I had to go to the Immigration Department to collect a document. I could not leave the cake in the car which was under the hot sun. So I took my cake carrier, which had transparent sides. The lady at the counter saw it and complimented it. She asked if I made it and YES! It made me feel so proud of myself that day.

But I have got to remind myself not to feel attached to my cake. I should be able to put a knife through it without feeling sad and thinking of the effort I put into it. A cake is a cake. It's meant to be eaten. Now, I'm looking forward to course 3.


Kristine said...

Congratulations on finishing Course 2! I am currently taking Course 2 as well and I can't wait to do my final cake. My last class is Sunday. =)

Anonymous said...

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