Tuesday, 17 November 2009

How much do you like your bakes?

The other day, I was out shopping and happened to see some earrings. Not any earrings, but cake earrings. I bought 3 pairs although I seldom wear earrings. I was simply ecstatic to see them, they are too cute! These days, everything about me is cakes, cakes, and cakes. Even my husband is infected. His newly-created online gaming name is cake related.

I like my cookies too. I like them so much I made them into fridge magnets. There are other several ones which I could not bear to eat, so I sprayed lacquer over them and keep them. But then, the cookie inside soften over time, and the lacquer kept getting absorbed...so I had to respray over and over again. Not such a good idea to make my cookie into magnets afterall.....better to keep them in my stomach :p

What other crazy things you have done with your bakes??

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