Tuesday, 21 April 2009

My Daily Bread

If you want to see a different side of me, just throw me in front of a lizard, or throw a lizard in front of me and you will see a side of me you have never seen before. Beware though, for if you do either of it, I will know you are not a friend. Don't start telling me how good these creatures are, that they eat mosquitoes etc. I can give you many reasons why they should be extinct, and moreover, I can kill mosquitos between my fingers.

It is a fear I have, that I myself do not understand. I become the most paranoid, most irrational, most jumpy, probably most irritating (since I will keep calling out to you for help) person you will see. The fear gets into me more as I age by the day. By next year, I predict I probably would have quit my job to live in a vacuum. I wonder what's with me..it seems I encounter these creatures more than anyone else. Perhaps I'm always on the lookout for them, that's why.

Once, I was home and met my neighbours who were about to go out. I saw a creature (I'm not even spelling it! It makes my hair stand) on my door and no matter how I stamped my feet, it would not go. I must have looked like a moron, standing a meter from the door, stamping my feet and not daring to open the door. I smiled sheepishly to my neighbour and said there is a creature and I am afraid. Without another word, the kind uncle went to my door, and tried to catch it! It ran and so did his hands! I have never seen such quick hands! He grabbed it in his hands and threw it down the chute! Oh my hero!

My mum is a great woman, she is the one who catches these awful creatures for me, before I start screaming and losing sleep over them. 2 weeks ago, she went on vacation. I happen to go to the bathroom one day and saw 1 squashed between the sliding doors in the bathroom. I ran out immediately. What I had intended to do in the bathroom was no longer important. I did not think my dad would entertain me like my mum, so I did not tell him. I simply asked him if he was ready, so that we could leave for work together. I thought I acted like normal, but he saw something in my face (perhaps I turned pale!) and asked me what it was. He picked it up that night and threw it away. Phew!

My husband is another hero. We had 2 encounters in our home with these creatures. On both occasions, he swiftly came to my rescue. Last week was the worse. One morning, I saw the poo of the creature on the plastic bag which contains my breakfast....and the bag was tied in a knot! The poo was small, but it could not escape my eyes. I threw it away, I'd rather go hungry without breakfast. I had the nightmarish encounter a few years back when a creature was sharing my bread. The next morning, I had a bad feeling and did not touch the bread at all...second day without breakfast. My hubby woke up, ate his breakfast and found a creature sharing his breakfast...though the bag was again tied in a knot! Good thing for my intuition. Third morning, I went without breakfast again...I switched more lights than usual and did not even dared go near the dining table. Fourth morning, I had a pleasant surprise. As I was brushing my teeth in the morning, my hubby woke up (he usually wakes up a few hours later than me), made me a hot drink and made me breakfast! I was so touched I almost did not want to go for work haha! For the past few mornings, he did the same! If he were to say our wedding vows again, it probably should go like this.

I, Bimmer Saviour, vow to take you, Bimmer, as my lawfully wedded wife, even when you turn into the most irrational human being on earth when you see a lizard. I will try not to laugh at your expression whenever you spray cans and cans of insecticide, lizard repellent, lizard exterminator and whatever anti-lizard products. I promise not to stop you, not to scold you, even if it means I need an oxygen mask. I promise that I will protect you whether in sickness and in health, in good times and bad, in joy or sorrow and to comfort you, which includes chasing away, killing, or by any other means, getting lizards out of your world. With this ring (and ten boxes of lizard traps), I wed you.

Now, for in celebration of these 3 important, heroes in my life, I made these bread. My dad and hubby love them. I don't know about my neighbour since I did not give him any, oops.

Doesn't see any link? Bread is the most important food in my life. Almost 365 days a year, I eat bread for breakfast. They give me the energy to start my day. I only need a slice with margarine on weekdays, and probably slightly more interesting on weekends. I can eat them everyday, and still think they are nicest thing around. I can eat bread for lunch and dinner. It is my comfort food.

My heroes are equally important to me. They literally helped me to move on (otherwise I would have stay rooted to the ground until the lizard finally crawls away). I may seem silly, but their small gestures have really meant a lot to me! To my heroes, these are for you!

P.S. Oh man, what a lengthy way of showing what I have baked. I'm not posting the recipe again since this is not the first time I made these breads.

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Baking Momma said...

These little guys our one of the favorites in my house. I can never get enough of them I don't know why


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