Saturday, 4 April 2009

Lazy Weekend

Today is a lazy Saturday. I did not have a good sleep last night, so we decided to laze at home instead of going out and joining the crowds.

The weather was erratic, a moment very hot and humid, yet the next moment, torrential rain fell. It left us feeling uncomfortably hot and sticky and restless, so we hid in the room with the aircon switched on. Ironically, when it rained, we felt cold in the aircon, so we switched it off. But the moment we did that, the sun was up and out again, just like playing hide and seek.

With the whole day at hand, there was time to bake some bread so that I can have them for breakfast for the next few days.

For our dinner, we went to the supermarket this morning and bought 2 crabs. Ever since I attended the cooking class to learn how to cook crab, I have not had the chance to put what I learnt to use. Theoretically, I knew how, but when it comes to putting it in action, I am not sure if I remember all the steps correctly.

Anyway, I turned 'murderer' just now. We had some difficulty, and both dear and me were struggling with the crabs, one of which was a fierce fighter. I used my silicon tongs to grip it, but its claws gripped even harder and pierced a small hole in the silicon!

When we finally 'silenced' the crabs, we were sweating! I looked at the poor crab and wondered whether they will still be my favourite food in future.

My plans was only a simple and lazy one. To boil the crabs, and then use the stock to cook instant noodles, and then add the crab in again. I used spicy flavour instant noodles and it turned out really nice! Each of us had one crab, and the crabs only costs us $10. If we had something similar outside, we would have to spend at least $25 for 1 crab. Hmm...yummy! When we finished dinner, I was certain that crab is still my favourite food haha.

Next time, I will try cooking with vermicelli and XO, just like the ones being sold.


♥Rosie♥ said...

Theoretically, I know how to cook crabs too but haven't as yet...

I don't blame you for staying in with the aircon switch on either..

zAMIFY said...



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