Monday, 21 July 2008

Mini kiwi tarts with lemon curd

Was supposed to go for a picnic yesterday, but it rained, so I stayed indoors and tried out my new baking mat.

I decided to make mini fruit tartlets. I made peach tarts before, so I wanted to make some mini ones this time. I could have filled them with whipped cream or pastry cream or chocolate but I chose lemon curd instead.

For the fruits, I wanted use kiwi and strawberries, but I could not find nice strawberries, so only kiwi was used.

The tart shells shrank a bit when they were baked, but they turned out quite fine. I love the lemon curd. I tried it before and loved it. I still do.

When freshly baked, the lemon curd and kiwi tasted a little sour. After refrigeration, I ate some again this morning and they were so nice! Dear loved it. I brought some over to my parents and they liked them as well.

I think they were a little too small though. It was quite tedious filling the mini-muffin trays with the dough. But I will defintely make them again!

Now, I still have half a bowl of lemon curd....I'm thinking what I should do with it... ;p

The recipe to the lemon curd is here. It is a new blog I have started to store my recipes, and the lemon curd recipe is the first entry.


Just Cook It said...

These look delicious

Bimmer said...

thank you! I sure did enjoy them! :)


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