Thursday, 10 April 2008

Missing in action!

Sorry I went missing!

I spent the past week missing the time I spent in Taiwan, and the food I ate there. Also have been spending some time over weekends buying stuff for my new place. We have bought a new cooking hob and hood and kitchen sink. The renovation contractor has just started some work and I can't wait to see it completed.

My husband and I have also planned to paint the walls this weekend. But Sunday is my sister's birthday and we are going for a meal, so that leaves only Saturday...and this means we will need a few more weekends to paint the whole place.

Today, I finally chose a receipe from the recipe book my close friend gave to me. It is a belated birthday gift, and it is a beautiful book with equally nice pictures and is called Gorgeous Cakes by Annie Bell. I guess I will be home tomorrow morning to make some cupcakes for my sister. It has been ages since I baked (the last one was a flop, so it's not counted). I hope that it will turn out delicious and pretty!

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