Thursday, 26 January 2012

Macaron attempt Take 3

With my recent baking of pineapple tarts for Chinese New Year, I am left with quite a number of egg whites. I can use them for egg white omelettes, meringues or other what-nots, but usually I would just slapped them all over my face for a quick-fix "facial". That is the fastest - no extra effort needed, no messy clean-ups to manage.

But there was a nudging feeling in me to revisit my failed macaron attempt. Ok, it should be my failed macaron attemptS. Alright I know, half the world now can make macarons with their eyes closed and I am still failing.

I use a more reliable (I think) recipe this time, I am more prepared than previous times, so I thought I should be ok.

I drew circles on parchment paper, so that my macarons would turn out perfectly round nice.

I read the recipe again and again to get myself familiar.

Hahahaha, how wrong I was.

In my anxiety to make them successfully, I was actually nervous!
I left out an important step which I shall not say here, it is so noobie it makes me embarrassed.

Anyway, what could I say when I saw that they started cracking?

AAAAArrrrrgggghhhhh! That was the only thing coming out from my mouth.

I vow, I am going to conquer them. Perhaps I should go sign up for a class.

Anyway, these little cracked guys taste good nevertheless.
They are not as sweet as some storebought ones, which somehow makes me think I can get diabetes straight away just by eating one.

This recipe is from here. You can see that the instructions are clear and detailed. I just can't understand why this is one thing I do not have beginners' luck with.


Juice said...

Unfortunately, I am with you. I can't make the ______ things!

Amruta said...

Conquer you will Sandy ! Im pretty sure of that, seeing the other great stuff in your baking repertoire :)

Juice said...

Could it be the heat?

Bimmer said...

@Amruta, I hope someday I will! These little darn things are such a pain!

@Juice, I'm not sure. I followed the temperature in the recipe, had 2 oven thermometers in there, and kept a close watch on them, but still....


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