Friday, 24 February 2012

CDs and Macarons

Gasp! Macarons!

Aren't their colours pretty?

I think so!

Did I make them?

I wish I did, but NO! I bought them!

If you had read my earlier posts here and here, you will know I do not have much beginners' luck with these little guys.

But I bought these, not because I have given up hope, but because I was passing by That CD Shop the other day and saw these colourful little guys in their counter right at the most strategic spot beside their entrance. In fact, these were so eye-catching you'd probably see these and some cupcakes first, before your eyes slowly move on to the racks and racks of CDs they sell.

I love That CD Shop. They have superb speakers and a great sound system and just by sitting there listening to the discs they are playing, makes me have the strong urge to buy a couple of CDs. But I have to promptly remind myself that I do not get that same sound effect in my car or at home (yes, I have fallen prey to their "trick" a few times).

So, what's a CD shop doing, selling cupcakes and macarons? Beats me. Diversifying? Maybe. But they do have a cafe at Marina Bay Sands, where they sell these sweet snacks, so they might just want to have them at every of their store, as a by-the-way thing.

To cut my long story short, I was attracted by that blue macaron. That bright blue one which was shouting out to me. So, I ended up buying 7 of them to try - Lemon, Raspberry, Green Tea, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee and Earl Grey. The blue one, to my surprise, is Earl Grey. I was expecting Earl Grey to be errmm, grey. But I guess grey does not look eye-catching huh.

Some of them do not look as perfect as other stores' and their sweetness varies, but surprise surprise, they are actually better than what I had expected from a CD shop. But then again, I'm not hard to please, just as long as they are not too sweet and are in nice colours.

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