Thursday, 5 January 2012

A new year, a new start

I must admit that I find it increasingly hard to maintain this blog of mine, especially during the past year (or last year, as I now have to say), when I did not exactly embark on many new baking experiments. I had been baking, but on not on new stuff. I don't think you would have liked to read about me baking the same things over and over and neither do I like to repeat myself over and over, so there goes - long periods of silence.
There were so many times when I know I had gone silent for months, and then I find myself struggling to find something to write to you. So if you are still lurking around, I really thank you.

This is a new year, a brand new start, a brand new round of 365 days all over again. If you have been having a great start so far, good for you! If things are a little not so sweet yet, don't worry, you have many days ahead to sweeten them!

Laugh like you don't have a care in the world.
Give unconditionally.
Be humble.
Keep your spirits up and
Have a good year ahead everyone!

Flowers are not exactly my favourite things, but some once in a while does make you smile don't they? I learnt to make a bouquet and also how to make ribbon roses in 2011. How about you?

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