Thursday, 11 February 2010

First Tier Cake

Did I mention that I have finished my Wilton Course 3 on fondant and tiered cakes *grinning from ear to ear*? Fondant cakes are not exactly new to me, but tier cakes are....and that was my reason for wanting to take the course in the place. I've seen numerous Youtube videos on how to do tier cakes, but nothing beats having an instructor guiding you along the way and not forgetting, being in the company of wonderful , like-minded coursemates who make the lessons so fun.

A few days before our class, we had to make many fondant flowers for decorating our finale cake. I decided my flowers would be lilac....which was also the same colour as my flowers for my finale cakes for course 1 and 2 (how boring I am!). The flowers took me many hours and it was painstaking to make them 1 by 1 and then left them hanging to dry. I tried to make them as big as I could, so that I do not have to make that many, but these are about the biggest I can make.


I had visualised my cake to be simple and classic looking. So, that was what I did. I decorated the borders with beads and sides with some smaller beads.




There were parts of the cake I was not 100% pleased with but overall, I was very satisfied with it. But as expected, my cake looked the simplest and least colourful when compared to those of my classmates. I was really amazed at the number of flowers they made for the cake! 

This was also the first time I am using a new recipe for chocolate mud cake and I'm very glad it turned out very well. The chocolate was rich, moist and dense, perfect for fondant and tiered cakes. It had a strong hint of coffee (I used expresso instead of normal coffee), which successfully diverted the sweetness away (though some might find it a little bitter).Only pity was, I do not really like to eat fondant. So peeling all the fondant away made me felt a little wasted...that was a lot of fondant!


bakingandlove said...

Wows, you are sure skillful with the fondant man! They are looking gorgeous! Wish I can do that some day too :) Take care!

Bimmer said...

I'm sure you would be able to do this...and more! You are going to study pastry arts! *envy* :p

MyCakes0628 said...

Great job! I enjoy your blogspot. I am just getting started on mine and yours is great inspiration. =)


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