Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My first fondant cake

This is my first cake for this year. I made some cupcakes last week, but this, is my first whole cake.

As part of our Wilton class, we are making fondant cakes this time. I have been playing with fondant for decorating cookies, making small figurines and decorations for cupcakes, but I have not covered a whole cake with it before. Theoretically, I know the steps on how it is done, but I just have not actually gotten down to doing it before today.

I love how smooth it looks, but what was stopping me from covering my cakes with fondant was because it never tasted good in my opinion. Its actually bland and a little rubbery and whenever I see it, I can only think of play-doh. I'm not sure how many people actually eat it. My impression is that nobody does and it always becomes a waste in the end.

In class, we made our cakes to look like a present. It is pretty simple but there was quite a bit of rolling of fondant to do and my wrists still could not be exerted too much. So as expected, I could feel the strain when I came back and it is supposed to take a few more weeks before my wrists can be normal again.

We covered the cake with the rolled fondant, do the ribbons, set them in place and ta-da, that's it! It is not the nicest of cakes, but our class did pretty well and everybody was proud of their own cakes. (I still have not tasted it though :p) Since I now have my first fondant cake, I shall do something I have been planning for the longest fondant cakes....and you shall be the first ones to see them when they are done. :)

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