Sunday, 6 July 2008

Ate some nice muffins!

I was at a Raffles City Shopping Centre yesterday and there were some food stalls set up for some celebration of some sort. The stall names read "60s snacks", "crispy rojak and popiah", Turkish kebab" etc...and one was simply "muffins". I told my hubby I had to go and take a look.

At the stall, a lady was pouring some batter into muffin cups and baking them on the spot. There was a "buy 5 get 1 free" promotion, and I chose 6. There was chocolate chip, apple cinammon, coffee walnut, blueberry, banana and a lemon lime tart. Ok, that's not a muffin, but it can be added to the promotion. Lemon lime tarts are not commonly seen on the streets here. When we reached home, though I was feeling full from dinner, I couldn't resist trying the tart and muffins. It was soft and fluffy. Fantastic! The banana one was right from the oven, and it was great, especially knowing my love with bananas and muffins. These combination just makes me go mad. The coffee walnut was good too but the apple cinammon could do with more cinammon. Overall, it was a thumbs up from me. The muffins from bakeries usually are either too dry, too oily or too tasteless. These are just nice.

Looking at the picture makes me salivate again. It's ok. I promised myself, I will join Maria's bake this month. So, I will have muffins again!

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