Sunday, 27 April 2008

Chocolate mania

Bought a new recipe book yesterday. Sometimes I wonder why there are still so many recipe books being sold, because everything can be found on the Internet. I contradict myself...haha..because I actually bought another recipe book when there was a 30% discount coupon I could cut from the Saturday newspapers and use at Borders.

Pictures, pictures! I am attracted to nice pictures of food. I would flip through the book. If it's one of those "500 recipes for everyday cooking" and there are no pictures, I would not even think of it.

I bought a book on wholly chocolate by Donna Hay. Looks fantastic and just makes me drool. Chocolate cakes, cupcakes, muffins, panna cotta, biscotti, brownies, cookies... The close-up shot of the double chocolate cookies with melting chocolate in the middle...heavenly! I wish I have a camera like this...and photography skills like this too. It makes the most normal food turn into heavenly tantalising craves. Soon, I shall try something from this book soon. Just wait for my pictures! :D

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