Thursday, 18 October 2007

chocolate chip cookies

Thursdays and baking does not seem to ever go together. this evening, i had planned to come back on time to make some muffins or cupcakes for my friends when i meet them tomorrow.

As usual, when I plan something, it will actually go the other way. my work ended later than usual today and i got home only at 7.45pm. Frantic with the lack of time, and lack of milk in my fridge, i decided to find a recipe without milk, and it was cookies.

something however came over me, and made me want to put them on paper liners to bake instead. i seem to vaguely remember seeing an ex classmate do so, so as not to let the cookie spread out too much. But they ended up coming out with the lines of the paper liners, which cookies should not have. Moreover, i added less butter than called for, so the cookie is a bit too dry.

i rushed and rushed, because i had to shower (i was really stinky!) and had to make it in time for a flat-viewing appointment at 9.30pm.

the flat is nothing to shout about, and so are my cookies. this is one lesson i will learn. i have attempted to bake for my friends on a few thursday nights, and they always turn out wrong, because i do not have the mood to do so on thursdays, and i do not like to rush through the process which i enjoy.

this is not an excuse! i know it, because i have made nicer cookies than the ones i made tonight! And my mum agrees..

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