Thursday, 17 May 2007


Finally it is Wednesday, and the end of the week is coming. I am trying not to cry now, because paragraphs and paragraphs of what I had painfully written just now, have all been wiped out again! *quickly saves a draft copy*Work is still like a rollercoaster and is something I do not wish to mention right now, especially when I am trying to gather my thoughts again, and get into the flow of what I was typing earlier. *saves a copy*

I am excited! I just signed up for a baking class! It will be on 2 Jun, and will be on cupcakes! It is expensive, and costs $100 per session. If I attend 2 classes or more per month, I would have to survive on water from my office water cooler for my daily lunch. The place is apparently for tai-tais. It is located at Portsdown Road, near my ex office, and where the bus service only comes once every blue moon. And most of the classes are on weekdays, during office hours, that explains it. *save a copy*

I think it is time that I invest a little on my interest in baking, although I am far from being a good baker. But I always have this little dream of me in my own little kitchen, meddling with my baking stuff by myself, wearing my Tarepanda apron, and baking fantastic looking and great tasting stuff, earning some pocket money and at the same time, sharing nice food with my friends and family. *save*

This dream, of course, is full of loop holes. Firstly, I do not have my own little kitchen. Secondly, there are many times when I am not by myself (I do not mind the occasional peeks from my mum, but I do not appreciate a pair of eyes on whatever I am doing, although I know all she wants is to see how I do things because she can't bake). Thirdly, though some of the stuff I have made so far taste pretty ok, they are not amazingly fantastic, and not stunningly nice. What I call nice, are in the pics below. And lastly, earning a little pocket money is definitely not enough to quench my thirst for more Nine West shoes, bags, Clinique stuff and what-nots.

Anywayz, (yes, with a z at the back. there is a silly story about how I came to like the letter z, but let's not talk about it now), that is a dream. And while we are still at the topic of dreams, I once had a chat session with dear at Starbucks where I related a dream of mine to him, and I remember picturing the scenario vividly in my head.

It is to open my small little shop, in a peaceful place like Railmall or Sunset Way, deliberately away from town so as not to attract the wrong kind of people. Me selling whatever I bake for the day, and friends can drop by for a chat, and to eat for free. It is a place where people can hangout for nice afternoon chats and just relax. The walls will be painted a cosy hue, and in the background, I will be playing my Michael Buble or Di Blasio music. There could be a bookshelf and probably a fake fireplace, like the one at Starbucks Suntec. Objective again, is not profit making (by now you should have realized that I do not have the least bit of business acumen), but just as something I like, and to share some nice food with others. I once shared this scenario briefly with a friend, and he says it sounds more like a place for tai-tais.

ok ok, these are far fetched dreams. but it does make me happy to indulge once in a while in these. especially the times when I am not happy at work, i think more about my dreams. which is why, I am looking forward to my class, and adding new baking knowledge. Hooray!
I shall go to bed now and share my dreams with Uncle Chow... :)

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